01. Don’t try to compete for the first place in everything.

02. Don’t try to make a perfect friend, and don’t make many friends.

03. Helping others will make you stronger.

04. Learn to use sincere simplicity to deal with hypocritical complexity.

05. You are my daughter when you enter the university; you are my daughter when you sweep the road; as long as you maintain a noble personality, sweeping the road can also sweep out a bright and pure world.

06. There can be 59 points in the examination room in the school, and failing is never allowed in the examination room in life.

07. Virtue is the only flower in this world that will never die.

08. Love is a beautiful wave, but the ship of your life has to go around it cautiously, because your immature sculls carry immovable sacred duties.

09. No matter what, you have to learn to cultivate yourself to have a hobby or specialty.

10. Make a mistake once, and try not to make it a second time.

11. Personality is the most valuable quality in your life.

12. Sometimes an ancient poem is more useful than a foreign language word.

13. One porridge, one meal, when thinking is hard to come by.

14. Mother can forgive you if you break a bowl; if you lie, absolutely not.

15. Mom is not the president, and most of your requirements cannot be met.

16. I am not only your mother, but also your friend.

17. Firmly believe that health is the source of happiness.

18. Cry when you want to cry.

19. Life is like a cup of tea. You cannot suffer for a lifetime, but you will always suffer for a while.

20. If you don’t know where you are from, then you don’t know where to go; if you don’t know where to go, then you will not be able to stay on the right path for a long time.

21. Small problems can often lead to big troubles.

22. Do more every day and stick to it.

23. At all times, we must firmly believe: “The method will be a little bit more difficult than the difficulty.”

24. Faith is an invincible force.

25. A beautiful mood is always a thousand times more important than a beautiful appearance.

26. Humility, honesty and diligence are the three magic weapons to ferry life from this shore to the other side.

27. Everything starts with swift action.

28. Know how to be grateful, thank everyone for helping you.

29. Live every day as happily as possible, just like today is the last day of your life.

30. Learn to cooperate, cooperation is a kind of profound beauty, because a drop of water can only arouse beautiful waves when it blends into the sea.

31. Always remember: “You speak more than the content of what you say.”

32. Don’t forget: “One hard work or even nine hard work, you still get zero gains, only a lot of hard work, you can achieve the final success.”

33. Your achievements will never be one centimeter higher than the height of your self-confidence.

34. If life gives you a lemon, don’t complain, work hard to squeeze it into a glass of lemon juice.

35. Don’t cry for losing the sun, then you will also lose the moon because of it.

36. Never try to laugh at those who are flawed.

37. If you can’t win, at least you can give your opponent a smile.

38. If failure is the mother of success, then success should be the grandmother of success.

39. Don’t always worry about an unhappy thing.

40. Don’t be like a bee at any time, putting your entire life into a sting to others.

41. If you don’t understand tolerance, you won’t get the respect of others. Excessive tolerance will lose your self-esteem.

42. Don’t wait until it rains to remember that you forgot to bring an umbrella; don’t borrow an umbrella from others when it’s raining as a last resort.

43. If you have any good ideas, use notes as much as possible.

44. Have the courage to question what you think you don’t believe, and investigate the truth in it.

45. Reading is learning, reading is natural, and understanding society is more important learning.

46. ​​Try to be proactive in doing things. Being proactive means that no one tells you, and you are doing the right thing.

47. The only magic weapon not to be defeated by others is to learn one step faster than others.

48. Laziness is a kind of harm to the body and mind, and procrastination is always a vice.

49. Learn to protect yourself and avoid accidental injuries as much as possible.

50. Do not act alone unless absolutely necessary.

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