You can kneel in the mud, but you can’t put the mud on the chest of the whole world, and because of that, there is dirt everywhere.


“Education” is a high-frequency word. Nowadays, if someone is uneducated, it is a big criticism and derogation. If a woman is uneducated, it is like saying that she is an escort lady.

What is education? The dictionary says “cultivation of culture and morality”, but I prefer to understand it as “good qualities and habits cultivated through education”.

A person can be educated, but he is still uneducated. It’s like a person can eat non-stop, but his intestines and stomach can’t absorb it, and the bamboo basket is empty, and he is still skinny. However, it seems that this cannot be said the other way around-a person who has not received a systematic education can be very educated.

Upbringing is not inborn. If a child is not taught good habits and relevant knowledge, he must be ignorant and superficial. Of course, this “teaching” is broad, not only refers to the enrollment of the teacher, but also includes the parents’ precepts and deeds and the influence of the environment.

Education, like wealth, requires evidence. You say you have money but you have to come up with a proof of assets. Evidence of upbringing is not how many books you have read, how prominent your family background is, nor how much etiquette you know, being able to use knives and forks proficiently, or wearing evening gowns… These are just some superficial bubbles. The most critical evidence may be as follows Several.

Love nature. It is listed as the first evidence of educated, because a person who does not know how to fear nature and does not know the insignificance of human beings must be a frog in the bottom of the well, and education is so absurd. This may not be blamed on him, because without education, it is difficult for a person to spontaneously understand the size of the universe and the meagerness of human beings. Without the corresponding knowledge of natural science, in addition to appearing ignorant and narrow-minded, people are destined to be blind and arrogant.

The reason for educating children to love flowers and plants from an early age is precisely the most basic training for this great perception. If you see an adult savagely climbing and breaking trees, usually people will judge without hesitation: this person is too uneducated. It can be seen that education and green are closely linked. A person who knows how to live in harmony with nature and know how to care for silent plants, by extension, he may also love more animals and love his own kind.

Learn to communicate and interpret one’s own mind in public language

An educated person should be able to use public language freely, express his heart and communicate with others, and be able to put it into words appropriately. The public language I speak of refers to a clean and bright language that everyone from ordinary people to intellectuals can understand, rather than a narrow native language slang or professional language in a specific situation.

This requirement is not superfluous. In this era of competition, too many people can only speak the internal language of their industry, only the language that machines and instruments can understand, but they don’t know how to communicate intimately with people. This is not a criticism, but a fact. The mastery of communication with people, especially communication with strangers, usually does not arise spontaneously, but is acquired through study and practice.

An uneducated person has a limited and poor vocabulary. In addition to depicting their own physical feelings, such as being hungry, thirsty, sleeping, and the desire to reproduce, they have very vague inner perceptions of themselves. Because the words that describe inner feelings are usually abstract and longer than Bixing. Without learning, it is difficult to express it clearly and appropriately.

Those who possess a skill but cannot use the sacred medium of public language brilliantly to communicate and interpret their hearts are hardly educated. Technology is used to make a living, and merely having the ability to make a living is not enough. Just like jackals hunt for food spontaneously, that is an instinct that can be mastered almost without education. And people, without a doubt, should be higher than jackals.

Education can expand people’s ambitious goals

An educated person has a proper understanding of history and knows what a tortuous road we have traveled as human beings. Of course, education does not make everyone as knowledgeable as a historian, but education can make a thoughtful person know where we are from and where we are going. Education through history enables us to live not only at this moment, but also in the past and in the future, as if living in a rushing river, knowing the direction of springs and oceans.

An educated person, in addition to the things in front of him and his gains and losses, he will also involuntarily think of his lofty goals. Upbringing expands one’s attention and becomes magnificent and bright. Every individual has a moment of sinking in the dark canyon. When you are trekking and climbing, although you are scarred, because of your education, you know that time is flowing, and you understand the temporary and permanent. I believe that there must be an exit to the canyon in a distant place, where there is a roaring waterfall.

An educated person, especially a woman, has a cordial understanding and cherishment of his body, knowing their unique and clear names, knowing that they are delicate and clean, and every part of the body has irreplaceable Function, there is no difference between high and low.

He knows that a large part of his happiness and satisfaction is based on the sensitive perception of these functions and the sound integrity.

He also knew without a doubt that his brain was the master of his body.

He will not let his organs contain what he does, he is sober and able to control.

While respecting his own body, he also respects the bodies of others. While respecting the rights of oneself, it also respects the rights of others. While galloping the horse of self-will, he also meticulously maintains the lawn of others.

An educated person has all the excellent qualities of mankind, such as loyalty, courage, trust, diligence, mutual assistance, self-sacrifice, fearlessness, endurance, loyalty and unyielding… full of respect, awe, and admiration. Not everyone can do it personally, but they know how to love and sing praises. It’s not that people can’t be cowardly and lazy, but they can’t disguise these bad habits as being high-spirited, and they can’t denigrate all those who have done it as hypocrisy just because they can’t be noble. You can kneel in the mud, but you can’t put the mud on the chest of the whole world, and because of that, there is dirt everywhere.

Educated people know to be afraid. Knowing that fear is a meaningful and valuable thing. It shows that it understands its own limitations, knows that there are some insurmountable boundaries in the world, knows that there is sunshine in the world, and there are justice punishments under the sunshine. Because of fear of justice and punishment, self-restraint is a manifestation of strong willpower. Educated people know to look up to the mountains and the universe, to look up to those great discoveries and personalities, and to express respect for the heights that they can’t reach, instead of closing their eyes silly or making mockery.

Education cannot be accomplished overnight. Upbringing is tricky. Upbringing can be lost or picked up. Education also has a certain firm spread and established track. Nurturing is the sum of some habits. To a certain extent, nurturing does not live on our skin, but reproduces in our bone marrow. Upbringing and heredity are almost unrelated, they are the products of acquired and society. Yeast must be cultivated, and under the co-baking of subtle and conditioned reflex, with enough time, the aroma can naturally be emitted.

Education is an X-ray film that measures the overall quality of a nation. The face can be relied on make-up and blooming, but only the inner strength can withstand the wash and test, which is a symbol of strength.

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