Is the Ontario High School Curriculum Worth Studying?

Why Choose the Canadian Curriculum in Thailand?

Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Firstly, enrolling in a Canadian curriculum is not obligatory. Each parent has unique aspirations and plans for their child’s future. Additionally, studying in Canada or the United States for university is not a necessity.

Well-known educational frameworks like AP, A-Level, and IB present challenging academic demands, particularly in Grade 11. The OSSD offers an alternative choice for students.

Students who enroll in the TVO ILC OSSD program through GrapeTree can obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma without needing to travel to Canada, as the curriculum can be completed in Thailand.

Furthermore, when applying to universities, these students are classified as domestic students in Canada, positioning them in the first round of admissions.

What are the benefits of being in the first round of admissions?

For instance, the entry score for the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Toronto in 2024 is 90. Domestic students who meet this score are eligible for direct admission. If, however, some domestic students are admitted with a score of 95, the threshold for international students will subsequently rise to above 95. In addition, the number of available spots in each university program is limited. Applying as an international student can pose challenges due to the increasing competition.

From this standpoint, the advantages of gaining university admission with the TVO ILC OSSD are clear.

Is the cost of studying OSSD high?

For parents, depending on income from China to sustain life in Thailand without a stable local income is not a viable long-term strategy. As a result, many parents may contemplate immigrating to countries where they can secure income for livelihood, with Canada being a favoured destination for its promising immigration prospects.

Aren’t numerous parents driven by the desire to provide their children with superior education and a broader horizon, even if it means embarking on a new chapter in their lives during their stable middle years?

Culturally, the mindset, legal system, and social interactions in North America differ from those in Asia, which necessitates a considerable investment of time for both parents and students to adapt.

From a consumer standpoint, there is nearly a 1:5 ratio between Canadian dollars and Chinese yuan, with 1 Canadian dollar equating to 5 yuan. For instance, a bunch of green onions is priced at about 1.99 Canadian dollars. Spending the same amount in Canada as in Thailand would result in a noticeable decline in living standards.

Cost Analysis for Pursuing OSSD in Chiang Mai

Through three years of statistical data analysis and a deep understanding of the Chiang Mai market, GrapeTree has secured authorization from TVO ILC in Ontario, the only remote public high school under the Ontario Ministry of Education, to promote the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) program in Thailand. This initiative offers parents a significant opportunity to save on expenses. According to statistical data, the average monthly living cost for a family of four in Ontario is 5,671 Canadian dollars.

Considering a 10-month academic year, the tuition fee for Ontario public schools is 16,500 Canadian dollars, approximately 85,000 Chinese yuan. The average living cost is 56,710 Canadian dollars, approximately 300,000 Chinese yuan. Hence, the total average annual expenditure for a family is around 385,000 Chinese yuan.

For the four-year high school journey from Grade 9 to Grade 12 in Ontario, a family’s average expenditure is about 1.54 million Chinese yuan.

GrapeTree offers families in Thailand a cost-effective option for obtaining a high-value diploma. The expense of acquiring the Ontario Secondary School Diploma through GrapeTree is only about 100,000 Chinese yuan over four years of study.

With a substantial difference between spending 100,000 and 1.5 million Chinese yuan for the same Ontario Secondary School Diploma, this option is certainly worth considering for every family.

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