How to Transfer from A-level/AP/IB to OSSD in Thailand

OSSD Curriculum Structure

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) program typically spans 1 to 4 years and offers a diverse selection of over 70 courses. This allows students to tailor their education to their individual strengths and areas for improvement.

OSSD Graduation Requirements

  • Students are required to complete 30 credits between Grade 9 and Grade 12 (Junior High 3 to Senior High 3), which includes 18 compulsory credits and 12 elective credits.
  • Students must also pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT), which does not count towards university application grades. While the OSSLT is typically taken within Canada, Thai students have the option to fulfill this requirement through the TVO ILC language course as an alternative to the in-country test.
  • Students are required to complete 40 hours of community service.

*For university applications, students typically submit their 6 courses with the highest grades from Grade 12.

*For detailed graduation requirements, please refer to the Government of Ontario’s Website.

1. A-Level To OSSD

For students in the A-Level system, their Grade 9 and Grade 10 transcripts correspond to Grades 9 and 10 in the OSSD system, respectively.

At least five IGCSE exam grades can correspond to Grade 11 in the OSSD system and be converted into OSSD credits.

However, all course credit conversion must adhere to the “prerequisite principle,” meaning that the subjects studied must have corresponding prerequisite courses in Grade 12 as required by the Ontario curriculum. Additionally, each course must be passed; failing grades cannot be converted into OSSD credits.


For students in the IB system, the academic reports from Thai schools correspond directly to the OSSD system. The third year of the IBMYP corresponds to Grade 9 in the OSSD, the fourth year of the IBMYP corresponds to Grade 10 in the OSSD, and the first year of the IBDP corresponds to Grade 11 in the OSSD.

Each passing IB course can be converted into one OSSD credit. In addition to academic courses, the IB’s Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course can also be converted into one OSSD credit.

During the IBDP phase, in addition to completing six courses, students must also complete the TOK and Extended Essay (EE) modules.


The students in the AP system should note that AP exam scores are not directly convertible to OSSD credits. AP tests are designed to assess proficiency rather than follow a specific curriculum.

Therefore, AP students must provide their in-school course grades for credit conversion. AP courses typically use A-F or percentage grading, with grades below 60% considered failing (F) and thus not eligible for OSSD credit conversion. As long as in-school course grades are passing and meet prerequisite requirements, they can be converted into OSSD credits.

4. Chinese High School to OSSD

According to the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education, students need to complete 30 credits to graduate with an OSSD. Students who have attended high school in China can transfer credits to fulfill some of the OSSD requirements. Students can convert to an OSSD class at any grade level, and credits will be converted based on the grade level, courses taken, and grades achieved.

Why 100,000 RMB Allows a Student to Complete OSSD in Thailand?

To facilitate the participation of local Thai students in the OSSD Dual Diploma Program, GrapeTree is collaborating with TVO ILC to familiarize Thai curriculum. This process involves determining the number of credits needed to complete the OSSD program for each school system in Thailand. Consequently, students can earn both a Thai school diploma and an Ontario Secondary School Diploma upon graduation.

With an increasing number of students from various schools enrolling in the OSSD program, our database in Thailand is continuously being enhanced.

Currently available information for parents’ reference:

Students in Thailand, from Grades 9 to 12, need to complete a minimum of 8 OSSD credits over four years.

Depending on the academic standards of schools in Southeast Asia, it typically takes four years to complete 10 credits (equivalent to 10 courses) to earn the OSSD diploma.

The price for one credit in Thailand is $999 USD.

Over four years, the total cost for ten credits is $9,990 USD.

Contact in Thailand:

OSSD Program Contact in Thailand: Cara Fan

Phone Number: +66 0620158795

Email Address: [email protected]

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