Spectrum | English Debate Class

Debating English Class

GPT's original debating teaching method

Based on the four sets of textbooks “Spectrum Language Art”, “Spectrum Reading Workbook”, “Spectrum Word and Phonics” and “Spectrum Writing Workbook”, we combine with the debating teaching method developed by the GPT-EDU senior teacher team. “Speaking, reading, reading, listening and speaking” English learning is transformed into a debate-style English learning.

Writing | Write

Focused practice: Spectrum’s Writing Workbook comes from the United States and guides young students through every step of the writing process so that they can develop and practice critical thinking skills in creative writing, informative writing, and persuasive writing. The 144-page workbook helps children learn core concepts such as targeting the target population, active voices, sentence structure, how to write purposefully, using informal and formal language, and story structure.

Related standards: This “writing exercise book” will help your child improve basic writing skills, including choosing words and phrases to accurately convey thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, using appropriate punctuation for pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing, Proofread and share written works, capitalization, grammar, and language, and organize the main ideas and points to form a cohesive work.

How to achieve: Each lesson focuses on a specific concept to help students improve their writing skills. The step-by-step course teaches and enhances written language skills through step-by-step instructions, clear examples, and open-ended writing exercises. This workbook enhances grammar and language skills to help students use English more confidently.

Teacher standards: This workbook is very rich in content and requires very professional and experienced English teachers to teach. Teachers can use daily or professional vocabulary, grammar, and sentence patterns flexibly. It is easier for students to understand and use for students from different backgrounds. And, better debate, independent thinking ability training.

Phonics | Says

Focused practice: “Word Learning and Pinyin Workbook” for G3-G8 students provides professional phonetic courses, activities and exercises to enhance the skills required for language use of all ages. The GPT debate-style English teaching class allows children to use English repeatedly, study many debate topics in English, and exercise their ability to analyze independently.

Related standards: Workbooks based on different age standards can help students learn dictionary skills, synonyms and antonyms, prefixes and suffixes, idioms, double pinyin and other language skills required by different age groups.

How to achieve it: Each part of the workbook provides speech and vocabulary generation courses, as well as interesting practice pages and activities. After each class, a course review is included to assess the students’ knowledge before continuing to learn new concepts. The debating teaching method integrated into GPT requires independent learning, application and speech, and the use of different forms of vocabulary more flexibly.

Teacher standards: This professional textbook is very rigorous in the use of vocabulary, and needs to be equipped with experienced, professional, and experienced teachers to teach.

Reading | Read

Spectrum Reading makes the reading channel of the course content lifelike. This course is very suitable for students of different grades from G3-G8. It enhances reading skills by focusing on cause and effect, character analysis, context practice, research skills, and other content. Each book provides activities for enhancing phoneme awareness, phonetics, word recognition, decoding, and reading comprehension. It has easy-to-understand guidance, meets the standards of North American countries and states, and includes complete answers. -Today, more than ever, it is necessary for students to master their basic skills, which are necessary for them to achieve success in school and succeed through aptitude tests. The Spectrum series is designed to help students master these skills and improve their academic performance. Each title in the “Spectrum” exercise book series is developed by experts in the field of education and can provide appropriate guidance and reinforcement by grade in the order of effective learning success. Spectrum is the perfect choice for home or school. It is loved by parents, family students, and teachers all over the world. Spectrum is the learning partner that students need for complete accomplishment.

Highly recommend: Because the course aims to cultivate children’s self-learning ability, in order to match the learning effect of the course, parents are requested not to participate in their children’s learning. Believing in children’s ability to analyze and solve problems independently, parents will see their children’s growth and changes as they continue to learn.

Advantages of debating teaching method


Independent thinking

Develop students’ independent thinking and discrimination skills


Research Skill

Help students use English to think about research topics



Establish students’ sense of responsibility



Help students learn to respect different ideas and opinions



Exercise teamwork ability and assist peers to complete learning goals together


Deep memory

Deep memory, strengthen vocabulary, sentence structure and usage

GPT Efficient Debate Class

Clear class plan

At the beginning of each month, GPT-EDU will publicize the teaching plan and goals of the month in the Classin App, so that parents can have a clearer understanding of students’ learning goals and real-time grasp of the learning progress.

Timely evaluation feedback

Parents and students are required to participate in feedback evaluation for teachers every month to help us better adjust teaching methods and progress suitable for different classes and students.

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Teaching By Teachers With More Than 20 Years Of Teaching Experience

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